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PersonalDiets is based on helping each person reach their health and weight goals by creating a personal eating style that they can live with.

Diets are
individually  prepared custom diets.  A Personal Dietitian custom prepares and oversees your PersonalDiets plan.  You are given three main meals daily, plus one or two snacks depending upon the calories our expert determines you need based upon your health and current activity. There are no foods you can’t eat (but there are foods the dietitian will recommend you eat less often). For breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time, your Personal Dietitian (who developed your plan and modifies it if needed) gives you both a recommended meal plan +  a diet tool (Plan-A-Meal) that gives you options over the original diet suggestions and recommendations.  Both the recommended diet Plan-A-Meal use foods based upon your needs so you get foods you want but you also have virtually unlimited flexibility.  The philosophy and reasoning behind PersonalDiets is practicality.  Diets should fit your needs and lifestyle so you don’t have to change it to suit your diet - it should also be practical so that you can succeed long after the diet ends.  To be truly practical a diet should fit your lifestyle and preferences now so you don’t go “on-again off-again" like most diets.  So flexibility, lifestyle, and considerations for your eating preferences are seen as “key” to the diet’s practicality.  Try our Expert's Custom Diets now!

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Now you can get a custom prepared diet - with all the same benefits of our expert's custom diet.   Just like our custom prepared diet you are given three main meals daily, plus one or two snacks depending upon the calories our expert's program determines for you. Now, your diet is made instantly and all created for you via our programming automation.   Like our expert's prepared diets, our custom AutoDiets allows you to eat ANY foods you prefer you and are therefore a perfect fit for your lifestyle.   For breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time, you are given expert meal plan recommendations to follow + our Plan-A-Meal diet tool but you are also given the ability (or better stated "flex-ability") to add or remove foods over the original diet recommendations. The primary difference between this and our expert's custom diets is that there's no support so the cost are considerably reduced. 
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Results & Research Driven with Proven Outcomes
What’s more, because of the founders' experiences and education as a registered dietitian and teacher respectively they believed that the diet program they created (over 10 years ago) should be results and research driven.  This is why they recommend and provide online tracking (using the internet, i- and smart phones, etc), and provide Personal Dietitian support both by email and phone. Research shows that exercise is important too so PersonalDiets supports practical, easy to follow exercise plans that give results with realistic routines - enjoyable enough to stick to long-term

In summary, whether you cook with recipes, dine out, travel or like convenience foods (or do any combination of these) you should have a diet that’s custom, flexible and fits your lifestyle – anytime and place. 


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A Nutrition Expert (Your Personal Dietitian) will customize a diet for you that matches your preferences, lifestyle & health - based upon your personal needs:

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Will PersonalDiets meet all my needs?

Your Personal Dietitian creates a plan based upon your needs and works with you interactively to further tailor you the "right" diet for your needs.  This is all done from the privacy of your home or office computer.  You give your Personal Dietitian information on your current diet habits, preferences, lifestyle, etc and within 1-2 days your diet is ready and published online for easy access, anywhere-anytime.

What if you still need more help and support?

Modifications and customizations to your diet are done for you conveniently.  The dietitian adds your favorite foods and/or recipes, can update your calorie level, provide you diet modifications or make changes you request immediately online.  Support is also always available from your Personal Dietitian for the length of your program to help ensure your success.  All done for you directly via your
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Now you can reach your health and weight goals and get a delicious and practical diet along with the assurance that you'll get the help you need so that you can get and stay on track with your weight goals when you follow your plan.... with a Proven Diet & Guaranteed Diet!

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