Need A Diet Plan for College?

Carolyn Classick-Kohn,MS,RD

PersonalDiets gives college students a diet that matches the unique eating lifestyle of being in school.  Whether you live on campus and eat dorm food or cook for yourself and/ or housemates you can create a plan that fits your life.

The demands of college life makes this one of the most challenging periods in life. This makes following a simple, easy to use diet plan even more important and the ability to customize a diet to your personal situation a critical component of success.

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PersonalDiets meets the specific needs of students by having a more flexible diet that puts them in control so that they always know the when, where and what to eat in any situation.  An easy, flexible, customized diet that gives the student a step-by-step plan of action is is really important.  Instead of putting on the "freshmen 15" and spending the rest of your college years battling weight, you can get control over your weight without compromising school and social activities. By using PersonalDiets proprietary online diet tools, customized meal planners, and interactive support - students can get control over their diet & health.  See how!

Some College Students Cook - Others Don't. 
While some students eat dorm foods, other students live off campus and either cook for themselves, or eat micro-waved frozen/packaged foods.   And of course eating out and eating fast food to save time is part of everyone's routine.
Eating regular meals often takes a back seat to studying, work and social events.  so any diet you choose should be extremely flexible so it matches your busy schedule and can accommodate eating on the go anywhere-anytime.  

PersonalDiets Effective in Any Situation
To lose weight and eat healthy in any situation you need a custom, flexible plan with diet tools that help you choose:  (1) How Much to Eat and (2) What You Can Eat (3) A way to balance everything nutritionally so that you reach both weight & nutrition goals. PersonalDiets uses an expert's system, interactive tracking, one of the largest food search databases online and diet inventories to help  customize diets along with interactive dietitian support (Custom Diet Option users only). See a diet plan sample to see how we do this!

See A FREE Diet Sample Now!  
Diets are typically too costly for college students and so many choose a fad diet or get no help at all.  As health care professionals, our Personal Dietitians value and appreciate your need for peak health & fitness, weight control, and a safe diet with the positive results y
ou want.

PersonalDiets offers customized and custom diets  that fit college students lifestyles.  See a sample meal plan by clicking any of the graphic links:

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