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A Personalized Nutrition and Diet Program
Men have a greater need for calories, but many men are not in control of their food intake because someone else cooks or they buy store-bought foods instead. For a diet to work, it must go beyond a short-term fix. It must conveniently fit into your life and be easy to apply in any situation!

Men have specific diet and nutrition needs.  
Personal Dietitian's experts address your personal needs by assessing your current diet habits!  Our experts develop custom designed diets for weight loss and/or high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, high triglycerides, and more.  Each PersonalDiets plan considers your activity level, eating preferences, height, age and weight.

Men's Diets... Gain muscle not fat!

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Getting into shape is within your reach with a realistic diet plan
Flatten your stomach and lose those extra pounds effectively
with an expert's plan designed specifically for you and your needs!  Dieting is a lot easier when you have an expert's 'key' steps and recommendations to guide you. 

Each custom diet we design consists of enjoyable healthy foods that give you the energy you need to get into great shape.  A diet plan should fit your eating preferences (within the context of a healthy diet) and fit your lifestyle, health and personal needs so you can easily follow it. We take the extra steps required (like adding food you prefer) and give you a personal plan that works for you!

Trying to Lose Weight Quickly?
Rapid weight loss & fad diets decrease muscle - this leaves you looking more flabby not less.  At Personal Dietitian we consider what's important...

Your physical characteristics, health, safety and nutrition needs!  In a diet battle?  Get FREE Diet Help - click here!
Your height, weight, gender and your activity level each impact your caloric needs.  Many diets don't calculate your personal energy needs and give everyone the same calorie level. This can be too restrictive for men who are active. This can lead to a low energy level during weight loss and loss of muscle tissue, the opposite of what's needed to lose successfully! Our nutritionist (a registered dietitian) assesses your caloric needs using a scientifically valid tool.
PersonalDiets are designed only after careful review of your personal needs so that it fits your personal requirements!  Each PersonalDiets plan is designed to give you the right combination of fat, carbohydrates, protein & calories, so you won't feel deprived while you obtain your diet and health goals.


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Get the Best Diet for your needs, designed by diet & nutrition experts so you reach your diet goals!  Our online consulting dietitians can save you money, time & effort.  We'll design your diet plan so that you can realistically achieve and sustain your goals.  Personal Dietitian tailors each diet to your health needs.  

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  1. Stop the on-again off-again diet syndrome!

  2. Don’t waste time & energy dieting only to put back on those same pounds.

  3. Get control over your diet today with an intelligent diet - a diet that's customized for you by experts...

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Have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or other health considerations?

  • PersonalDiets are designed to improve these conditions!

  • Our experts, registered dietitians will work directly with your physician - if you choose.

  • The foods you eat impact your health.  They not only contribute to weigh gain but can be the cause of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, and other health related diseases. 

  • Do you know who to trust your diet to? Ask your doctor who he/she recommends.  We trust doctors with our health... Dentist with our teeth... Mechanics with our cars... Dietitians are the diet experts your doctor recommends!  Our experts, health care professionals and are therefore committed to helping you reach a better body weight & achieve better health.

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