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Personal Dietitian's online diet services outperforms other diet websites by providing "real" diets &  support.

Personal Dietitian models one of its diet programs, Diet with the Dietitian, on the nutrition counseling experience, providing ongoing help from dieticians, not computers to give you an accurate, useful, and effective diet plan.

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We'll help you reach your diet goals with good nutrition that fits your lifestyle, not by using "diet" foods, supplements, database diets spit out by a computer or "fad" diets.  There is no one more appropriate to help you than the experts your doctor recommends - Registered Dieticians.

Chief Dietitian,
Carolyn Classick-Kohn,MS,RD

Susan Malie,RD Diana Stokes,RD,LD MagnoliaVela,MS,RD,CDE
Registered Dietitian - Susan Malie Registered Dietitian - Diana Stokes

Registered Dietitian - Magnolia Vela

What Are Your Diet Goals?

Personal Dietitian professionals will help you achieve your goals through personally relevant assistance and expert help.  

"Personal Dietitian's programs are based upon what has been shown to work the best:  healthy eating principles that people can apply for life, not just for a quick fix. I want our clients to get the right information they need to succeed the first time. Too many people struggle with gimmick approaches that don't help them make positive, realistic changes - & that's what has to be done to keep in good weight control & to improve health
Our program is designed to give clients a thorough, personal, and professional diet plan that they would otherwise not have access to without several (costly) consultations with a dietician."

The Diet we all need - Personal Diets!

"There are many contributing factors to a successful and effective online diet program. 
I attribute the success we are having to the individual support clients receive and the fact that their plans are easy to apply to their lives. Our primary objectives are to help others to lose weight and/or improve their health through diets designed by professionals. Our focus is on improving health through better information. Since dieticians' qualifications, credentialing and professional experience prepares them better than others in the area of nutrition, there is no better choice for consumers to make than a registered dietician. Scientific evidence indicates that the best diet for most people is one that improves their lipid (cholesterol and blood triglyceride) profile, avoids harmful cancer-promoting substances, and limits excess calories that lead to unhealthy weight gain and other chronic diseases. Don't be fooled by fad diets and quick weight loss schemes!  While these diets are very appealing they are not based upon what works. Trust the recognized diet and nutrition professionals your doctor recommends - registered dieticians."

Carolyn Classick-Kohn, MS, RD, CFT
Personal Dietitian's Director of Nutrition & Chief Dietician - Carolyn Classick-Kohn,MS,RD  - has lectured to medical students, teachers, company employees, and college students. She has also co-authored articles in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association and The Lancet as well as the cook book section of The New American Diet System, published by Simon & Schuster.


"I've been trying to lose the same 20 pounds for the last ten years.

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