What is "Plan-A-Meal" and how can you benefit?

As noted previously, a successful weight loss plan is more than just eating branded foods offered in a weight loss programs  It's about eating natural foods that you can select and/or prepare yourself; it's about learning some basic do's and don'ts so you stay on track; and it's about receiving guidance and support from a registered dietitian or nutrition expert.  Plan-A-Meal is a Custom Meal Planner that makes dieting simple, convenient , realistic & along with PersonalDiets diet program, you get exactly what's called for.

Why it WorksPlan A Meal™ - A Custom Meal Planner that's Convenient, Flexible & Proven to Work!
We all know how busy life can get. And when time is limited, without a quick, straightforward meal plan, it becomes too easy to revert back to those bad eating habits.
When a weight loss plan provides a way for people to control their foods, based on their lifestyle, the choice and flexibility can empower a dieter and help them stick to their weight loss program. Plan-A-Meal™ is a very easy to use, realistic diet tool that's practical & accommodating enough for the pickiest eater and simple enough for those leading busy lives.

Plan-A-Meal™ was designed to be practical enough for every eating situation...

  • Dining out

  • Eating Convenience Foods

  • Cooking for others

  • Snacking

  • Eating with family members & friends

  • And other eating situations (picnics, going to movies, dorm foods etc)

  • Hectic schedules and different eating situations like those listed become part of everyone's lives.  Plan-A-Meal™ is considerate of your lifestyle and needs and it's why we've included it with every diet plan.


What else you can expect when you access your PersonalDiets™ program:

  • Know exactly what to eat & how much to eat of your favorite foods - in more eating situations

  • Add your personal food choices - Almost all "e" diets are limited databases. The foods you get to choose are limited for you by someone else, but not PersonalDiets™'s Plan-A-Meal™. If you would like to add a food simply request that the dietitian review it. If it fits into your diet program and your current health needs the dietitian can add it to the database of foods, making it easier to fit in the foods you typically eat in your diet plan.

  • Print out an EZ personalized grocery list
    You’ll make shopping easier and won’t be tempted to pick up items not included on your diet.

  • The Dietitian's Recommended Diet will help you follow your menu plan to get off to a great start

  • Real nutrition professional oversight. Is that important? You bet!
    We've evaluated 20 of the leading online diet programs. None of these offer oversight of your diet, none offer personal support and each chooses a business model that puts you second - (and their bottom line first ) instead of your bottom!

  • Calculate running totals
    You’ll see the total calories and/or exchanges of what you’ve eaten, see how many calories are left in your daily total, and plan ahead when circumstances beyond your control crop up (parties, wedding, working late etc).

  • Diet as you go - Instead of having to plan out an entire day or week of meals and having to stick to a pre-planned day or week of foods, you can enter meals one a time and track your totals. This is really helpful for people who don't know when and what they'll be eating ahead of time (travelers, people who don't cook for themselves, people with hectic schedules that don't have a routine)


  • Create your own custom meal plans as if you were a diet and nutrition expert. 
    Most online diets (aka ediets) offer you no more than a standard meal planner.  You can create and save these meal plans but because they're not a custom planner limits to what you can eat are imposed.  With a Personal Dietitian and a custom meal planner like PersonalDietsyou will be able to build your own custom menu plans, custom grocery lists and save personalized, balanced menus that allow you to diet more naturally! 

  • Eating out in restaurants is a major reason why so many people have gained extra weight and can't lose it! Using Plan-A-Meal™, you'll learn how to fit in dining out into your weight loss and healthy diet plan. You don't have to avoid restaurants to lose weight, but you've got to have a plan to deal with it. Practice making the right dining out choices while you're on your plan so that you'll know what you need to do to keep your weight off.

  • Life changes!
    If needed, and without extra cost, we'll make an adjustment that suits your needs. For example if you're the cook try our flexible recipe diet plan; if you're busy try our convenience diet and for those who want both try our combination diet option. This is not just one more thing that's great about Plan-A-Meal™, it's what's great about our services at Personal Dietitian.

The result of Plan-A-Meal™ is an easy to use, realistic diet that's practical & accommodating enough for the pickiest eater and simple enough for those leading busy lives.  

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