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Carolyn Classick-Kohn,MS,RD

Diets should be easy to follow, practical & convenient

Diets should be easy to follow, practical & convenient
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PersonalDiets™ offer you the ability to Create Your Own Diet.  Now, like a nutrition professional*, you can create balanced custom diet plans specifically designed for your needs and preferences with programming that puts you in control (*your calorie level needs will be determined by our experts).  More importantly the diet plans you will be able to create will suit your tastes and preferences; AND with Diet with the Dietitian, our expert sees to it - adding the foods and recipes you prefer (or you can do this yourself). 

Want to Create Your Own Meal Plans like a Nutritionist? Create Diets Like A Nutrition Pro!
Begin by reviewing PersonalDiets™ custom diet options; then register for our FREE diet or trial one of our expert's diets. A professional creates
the programming necessary for you to create your own custom diet. 


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Expert Help with Your DietGet help with the specifics about how to lose weight.  Get a solid start with a diet customized to your health, lifestyle and eating preferences. Our expert (a registered dietitian) will provide you the correct diet plan for your needs, personal eating guidelines, an assessment and personal recommendation so you know exactly what to do for your diet.  If you have health issues or extra body weight expert help can be invaluable. From interactive dietitian tracking support, 1-on-1 email support to 52 weeks of "The Weekly Focus" and daily diet tips, lifestyle goals and strategies as well as maintenance diet services and support (and your create your diet programming) -  you'll always know exactly what to do achieve and stay on top of your success.


PersonalDiets™ include:

Personal Eating Guidelines (Diet with the Dietitian Option)
Your diet plan includes a specific set of personal eating guidelines based on your calorie needs and your health issues so that your diet plan meets goals for the right amount of calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, carbohydrate, and protein. This helps assure that you not only eat the right amount of food, but that you get the right balance of foods to meet your needs. You can use these guidelines to simply track what you eat throughout the day if you don't want to follow a menu plan.  

Print out an EZ personalized grocery lists. You'll make shopping easier and won't be tempted to pick up items not included on your diet.

Flexible Meal Plans. Let our expert provide you with a flexible meal plan and diet plans that suits you, your particular lifestyle and your needs. 


Get A Dietitian's Recommended Diet Too. Along with Plan-A-Meal, you'll get off to a great start with the Dietitian's Recommended Menu Plan, designed to give you a variety of healthy food options in a menu plan that meets your calorie and specific health needs - all you need to do is eat! Then, whenever you need to, you can use Plan-A-Meal to make your own food choices, design your own daily meal plans and use them whenever you want. 

Interactive Dietitian Support and Online Tracking Support
(Diet with the Dietitian Only).
Tracking food, exercise, habits and keeping a journal are all proven ways to stay committed to your goals and improve your weight loss outcomes. Invest in yourself and you'll see the payoff! Personal Diets tracking support system also alerts your dietitian when you may need some extra help so that you make use of the expert help available.

Right on Track and Weekly Focus.
Our members have found this to be one of the most important parts of their program. Weekly focus helps you tune into the most important elements of your program one step at a time, one week at a time. Research shows that successful people break down their goals into smaller, manageable steps and adjust their plans often. Right on Track and Weekly Focus is designed to help you stay committed and involved and progress at your own rate.

Professional Diet Assessment and Recommendations.
Most diet programs miss this very important first step of planning a person's diet because they are already giving you a "canned" plan. When you get professional help of any kind (financial, counseling, etc.) it starts with an assessment of what you're doing now so that you can understand what needs to change. That's why we include a detailed assessment of your current food choices with specific recommendations on how to meet your goals. Some people can lose weight by just making some key adjustments to their current diet!

DietBattles Forum Support.  Win your battle with weight loss with some help from your new online member community! Find like-minded people who share the same challenges and get some helpful advice, support or just vent! Your dietitian also answers questions in the forum when you need professional advice and it's a great place to review FAQ's and find answers right away (NOTE:  This service is temporarily disabled.  We are redeveloping it so that both public and non public use can be provided.  Support is still available via direct contact with 1 on 1 E-mail help while the site is upgraded - see below).  

Ask Your Personal Dietitian Support (Diet with the Dietitian only)
You'll get what you need with your comprehensive plan, but sometimes you need confidential professional help and that's why we support our clients with one-on-one private e-mail support as part of our Diet with the Dietitian program.

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